Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Make ur Brandz

  • Term and condition for car owner

  1. To wrap the car Make ur Brand inform via call or e-mail to car owner. Then car owner must have to reach workshop center.
  2. Our professional worker wrap poster on car without any damaging or scratching with quilted car friendly poster or banner. [cover only four doors of car]
  3.  We record the kilometer (km) of car when start your campaign to end your  campaign.             [ kilometer (km) decide by company]
  4. When poster damaged responsible car owner.


  • Payment process for car owner

  1. When start your campaign we will pay 50% of your total payment and Full payment(50%) we will pay end of the campaign.
  2. We will pay your payment in cash.
  3. When advertise poster is damage we will take action.


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